St. Elizabeth Ann Seton-History

St. Elizabeth SetonHistory of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Warm Springs, GA

In the mid 1930’s, priests from Columbus began celebrating mass at the Warm Springs Foundation (now called the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation). Many of President Franklin Roosevelt’s staff attended Mass at the interfaith chapel which was built in 1937 on the campus.

Beginning in 1946, the pastor and priests at St. Peter’s Church assumed responsibility for ministering to the Catholics of Meriwether County. For about ten years, members gathered at the homes of parishioners to pray and study the faith. During the late 19060’s and early 70’s Sunday mass was celebrated both at Warm Springs and in Manchester. Membership grew to about 10 families. In 1969, property purchased on Nebula Road served the Catholic community for worship and fellowship for the next 25 yrs.

In 1975, Fr. Joseph Ware was assigned to Meriwether County. Shortly after his arrival, the name of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was selected for the church. In 1994, the mission community applied for assistance from the Archdiocese to build a new church on the corner of Judson Bulloch Rd. The 5,000 sq. ft. church was dedicated in Nov. 1996.